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Canary Bike - Petra Wonisch

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Bike Festival GC (3.-6.4.2014) | General Infos offers all-around-carefree packages in the sunny South

Las Palmas (sgh) - Gran Canaria, the volcano island located around 210 kilometres in front of the North-western coast of Africa, is often referred to as miniature continent because of its climatic and geographic diversity and its sophisticated flora and fauna. Gran Canaria's jagged spectacular mountain ranges and an average annual temperature of 23 degrees Celsius make the island a paradise for mountain bikers and the ideal location to overwinter.

Gran Canaria's mountain bike tourism expert and marathon organiser Petra Wonisch has created an array of attractive activities to celebratethe Bikefestival of 2013-inlcuding the 8th edition of the famous Marathon Open MTB Gran Canaria, -season opener of the Trek Challenge in Austria & the Ritchey Challenge in Germany-, big fiesta, many gifts for the participants & lots of possibilities to win the next mtb-holidays.

Next year the bikefestival will be celebrated from 4.- 6 april – the week end just before easter will be the center of europes bikers- and there will be 4 days of pure worldclass mountainbiking .We organize the classic season opener on Saturday, he 10th edition of Open MTB.

Ths year there will be one official race and the ther days we offer guided tours all over the island ; so youcan choose how many “Cicloturistas “ you wantto participate. These are due to special conditions on Extra charge.

Saturday the classic season opener, the mtb marathon open mtb – like always.
This year the riders can choose between 2 different distances - so there will be the light marathon with 40 km, and the extreme with 81 km. The track is a mixutre of the best parts of the last years, including the world-cup-course.

The topic of the Bikefestival Gran Canaria 2014 will be
Just enjoy LIFE - you are on gran canaria. ”Vive l vida“

So there will be time control and placement in general and age categories of the race “Open MTB Gran Canaria", with attractive price-money for the first three men & women and special trophees for the category winner.

Many famous pro and hobby bikers from all over Europe have already announced their arrival- and will fight not only on the 10th edition MB marathon for the victory –abd we epect the winner of the last years.

Fabian Wonisch Trophee & Womens Marathon

For 2014 the organizers expect 500 riders - besides the 200 kids joining the Bike & road safety-programm during all year. - including technical & mechanics-training motivates the young bikers to struggle more and train harder - and they all agree" roads safety cannot be accidently -it depends on you.

The children are educated in subjects such as technology, mechanics, nature conservation, route planning and guided tours across the island. The most important topic, however, is road safety education, thanks to Petra Wonisch's tireless lobby work. Petra had lost her son ten years ago in a tragic accident. "We want to teach our children, that they are responsible for their safety”, Wonisch explains. "Helmet, gloves, reflectors on the bike and obeying the traffic rules can save your life. Our motto ‚Safety is not accidentally' is based on a programme that was worked out by the UNO/WHO and is now implemented on Gran Canaria.”

Price Money of the "Extrem Overall Open MTB Race" Gran Canaria

Prizemoney for the first three overall winner men & women in the long distance
and gifts & presents for the category - winner, all finisher will
have a T-shirt.


Long/extreme  81km & 40km

1. - 5. Puesto/Placment/Platz
Masculino & Femenino, Male & Female, Frauen & Männer
1. General/General/Gesamtsieger

2.Élite de 18-29 años/years/Jahre
3.Máster-30 de 30 a 39 años/years /Jahre
4.Máster-40 de 40 a 49 años/years /Jahre
5.Máster-50 de 50 a 59 años/years/jahren
6.Máster-60 de 60 años en adelante/years and more

Short distance - Light Marathon  
Cicloturista 40 km . de 16 años en adelante / Years and more

Categoria Tandem /Tandem-Category/Kategorie , only in short distance
Categoria Militares,Miliary Category, Militaer-kategorie

General Information

Organisation: Bike Club Canary-Bike
Castaño Bajo no 9
35300 St.Brgida, Gran Canaria
Location: Gloria Palace San Agustin, Gran Canaria
Date: Friday , 05th . April
10:00 - 13:00 Bikecenter –Starting numbers
16:00 - 20:00 Starting numbers  
Saturday 05 . April
Positioning 08:00 at Gloria Palaced
Start at 09.00 – RACEFINISH 15:00 Uhr
Two Courses: 81 km/2100 hm
San Agustin –Juan Grande – St.Lucia   San Agustin

40 km/1200 hm
San Agustin – Juan Grande –San Agustin
Catering: There are refreshment stations every 15-20 km. At the route will be bananas, apples, oranges, dried fruits, bread and rolls with sausages and cheese, pieces of cakes, power bars, water and Coca-Cola. Self supply may only be given at the assistance points marked in the course plan.
Timing: The race is timed by "Top Times Canarias" with a transponder chip. The participants who do not have a chip yet will get one with their start number. The deposit is Euro 20,- (the rental is included in the fee). The deposit will be refunded when the chip is turned in after the race.
No chip - no timing - no evaluation!
Chip returning: Return the chips by finish the race - until 16:00
Entry fee: 15.10. - 31.12.2013 EUR 49,-
01.01. - 31.01.2014 EUR 59,-
01.02. - 28.02.2014 EUR 69,-
01.03. - 31.03.2014 EUR 79,-

1. - 5. April – on demand, extracharge euro 10.-

Hobbyriders (without UCI-Élitelicens) will be charged euro 15.-

Limit: Max. 500 starters (attendance guarantee for guests of canary - bike hotels)
Age: Min. 18 years old
Start of registration: Hotel & Race package 1.November 2013
Bank details: CLUB Canary-Bike /Petra Wonisch
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya BBVA
St. Brigida, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Titular: Club Canary-Bike

IBAN ES4801824993870201511614


All items of this information are subject to changes by the organization! Any alternations are going to be up dated on our homepage and if necessary announced at the bikers' meeting.